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Sale price$549.00

This is your chance to upgrade your FOO FIGHTERS Tour Van to a custom made Tour Van that that adds amazing detail and features not found in the original that was included with your Pro/Prem/LE.

We didn’t stray far from the original intent and simply picked up the ball where stern left off and ran with it! The level of detail included is leaps forward compared side by side with the original design yet still in keeping with the artists overall themed look and feel.

Foo Fighter Tour Van MOD-
Premium Edition: $ 549

- FF Tour Van BOMB on top - I installed 4 / 3528 GREEN SMD LEDs inside the bomb mix chamber to emit a green glow that I think you’ll agree that it fits better into the color scheme of the playfield.
- Tour Van Headlights - custom made gel headlights that have 2 / 3.5v LEDs with 240Ω resistor installed that are powered by standard GI circuit.
- Window Glare - in keeping with the original look, the windows are custom painted to match the look and feel of the original.
- Van Driver/passenger Doors - the van in the video segments looks to have salvage yard doors so we matched them to fit the video Clips.
- FF Logo on the passenger door and side of Van- I designed runs into the airbrush painted logos to match the video/game artwork.
- Speaker grills- added textured speaker grill to the amps yo better match the game artwork.
- Mounting - 8-32 brass mounting insert - simple install on rail with your existing 8-32 screw/washer

-Upgraded chrome paint job package for the stage light topper and the Bomb.
-Interactive Lighted interior of the van through the windows! Powered 8 /3528 SMDs and triggered by the Sonic Radio! Hit both radio target buttons and the band turns on the van interior lights!
-Lighted bomb meter light on the van hood! This tiny detail of adding a white 3v 0805 SMD just makes the Van pop!

Note: PRO/PREM/LE all have the same wireform rail mount so this MOD fits All STERN FF Versions.
(Basically this is a “one size fits all” scenario. Any version of this MOD will fit any versions of your FF Pinball game and with 3 versions to choose from you can pick the one that fits your style and budget.)

These are custom made to order so the turn around time in production can be can be 6-8 weeks.

Product Video:

Installation Video:

Install notes:
We include alligator clip for connecting headlights to standard GI Lugs (see Video)
We also include a Comet Pinball pigtail, for Spike system (this game) you will need to reverse the wiring polarity on the headlight harness. This can be done by taking the female connector (on the van headlight harness) off by hand, turning it, and putting it back on. from Comet Pinball :

Foo Fighters Tour Van MOD for PRO/PREM/LE - PREMIUM EDITION - CRCades
Foo Fighters Tour Van MOD for PRO/PREM/LE - PREMIUM EDITION Sale price$549.00